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>> Chapter Eleven - Book of the Prophet EzekielHigher Praise Bible School - Chapter Eleven - Book of the Prophet Ezekiel - Page: 5

b) Lying on his sides (4-8) The prophet then lay upon one side for 390 days, symbolically bearing the sins of Israel, then for forty days bearing the iniquity of Judah. This pantomime gives the reason why God has forsaken His people and given them over to their enemies. c) Preparing his food by measure (9-17) This act of weighing out his food and preparing it with a fire of dried cow's dung, is a symbol of the famine conditions to prevail during the coming siege. d) Shaving his hair and beard (5:1-4) This symbol is explained in the rest of the chapter. The razor is the "sword" of the enemy which God is about to use. The operation of shaving is a sign of the humiliation of the nation, as it was humiliating to the prophet to do this (2 Sam. 10:4,5). The hairs are the people. One third is to be killed, one third to perish by famine and pestilence, the remainder scattered among the Gentiles. The small number bound up in the prophet's skirts represents the remnant who are preserved (6:8). Chs. 6 and 7 are a continuation of the subject of ch. 5 and tell of the desolation to come upon the nation, the preservation of the remnant. e) Smiting with the hand and stamping with the foot (6:11) This is possibly a symbolical action of Ezekiel, expressing intense emotion called for by the awful calamities to befall his people. f) Making of a chain (7:23) The chain, which the prophet makes represents the bondage into which king and people are to be taken in Babylon. III. Chapters 8-11 inclusive These chapters record a series of visions which the prophet received as he sat in his house before the assembled elders, fourteen months after the preceding series. The prophet is carried by the Spirit away to the city of Jerusalem, where are unfolded before his view, the secret, abominable idolatries practiced by the people, elders and princes of the kingdom. These revelations were given to show the exiles who were expecting a speedy return to the land, the reason why the judgment of God must fall.
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