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>> Chapter Ten - Book of the Prophet IsaiahHigher Praise Bible School - Chapter Ten - Book of the Prophet Isaiah - Page: 38

Chapter 66. Summary of millennial consummations. 1. The old nation (1-4)."God whose throne is in heaven and whose footstool is the earth, can take no rest in temple or offerings of a hypocritical people, such as Israel ever proved to be. He prefers the temple of a humble and obedient heart. Hence, He does away with the old nation of Israel, as a nation false, self- willed worshipers." -- Stevens. 2 The new nation. (5-9). "Jerusalem is to be the scene of a nation's birth in a day. A persecuted remnant, who fear the word of the Lord, shall suddenly emerge from the midst of na- tional catastrophe and destruction, and be constituted by their Messiah into the new nation of millennial glory and world-wide honor." -- Stevens. 3 The other nations (10-21). "The new nation, unlike the old, so far from despising and excluding the Gentiles, and so far from making itself an object of hatred and prejudice to them, shall share its joys and blessings freely with them, on the one hand; and they, the Gentiles, on the other hand, 'shall be delighted with the abundance of her glory,' i.e., Jerusalem's glory (10-14). For not only will God destroy the incorrigible Israelites but also the incorrigible Gentiles; those who gather for Israel's destruction will be gathered likewise for their own destruction (15-18). After this double judgment, the remnants of the nations that escape from the general catastrophe shall return from Jerusalem to their own lands to tell the tale of Messiah's arrival and glory (19), and to stir up the Gentile nations to bring back the scattered members of Israel (20). God will even take of godly Gentiles that emigrate to the Holy Land, for priests and Levites, i.e., for the sacred office of priests and Levites" (21). -- Stevens. 4. The everlasting nation. (22-24). "The things seen are now tem- poral, but are not always to be so. New heavens and a new earth are to be constituted that shall remain before God forever (23). They shall be the rallying point of worship for the whole world perpetually (23). And the perpetual signs of the destruct- ion of transgressors, Israelites and Gentiles alike, shall be among the objects of instructive interest and awful warning to all who visit Jerusalem." (24) -- Stevens.
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