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>> Chapter Ten - Book of the Prophet IsaiahHigher Praise Bible School - Chapter Ten - Book of the Prophet Isaiah - Page: 35

her commission when the "sign of the Son of man" shall be seen (1-8). She is bidden to look at the stream of sons and daughters coming from all directions Zionward in the time of her real restoration, also the wealth of the nations as a mighty river flowing unto her, an acceptable offering, with which the Lord will glorify His people with Him (4-9). Does not verse 8 suggest the swift-flying aeroplanes in clouds bringing Israel back laden with the wealth of the nations ? or does it represent as in verse 9 vessels in fleets, like white clouds or flocks of doves on the wing ? The Gentile nations shall contribute labor and wealth to rebuild her walls, their kings recognizing the good hand of the Lord upon them. Such nations as do not respond in those wonderful days shall perish. Her gates shall be open continually because of the multitude of people passing in and out in steady streams bringing their gifts with them (10-12). The resources of the beautiful Labanons shall be used to beautify Jerusalem and the nations shall vie with each other in offering obeisance and bringing goodly presents (13-16). The baser metals shall be replaced in her ornamentation by the more valuable; policemen and tax collectors shall be a thing of the past, their activities directed into other channels of constructive character. Violence and robbery, plague and pestilence shall be no more, the glory of Messiah's presence shall be their light, and a transformed, righteous and obedient people shall dwell safely in the land, and in a short time a small clan shall become a mighty nation. Marveously will this all be wrought in a short time, when the silence of Jehovah toward His people shall be broken. Glory to God Hallelujah (17-22). Chapter 61. The Anointed One, who will bring Israel to millennial blessings. Messiah Himself speaks of the Spirit's anointing upon Him for the ministry of the Gospel and for His glorious millennial work (1-3). His gospel work is described down to verse 2, first clause (cf.Luke 4:17-21). Thereafter His millennial work is described. Then follows a condensed repetition of what has been already revealed in the previous chapters (4-9). Then follows a song of rejoicing put into Israel's mouth prophetically, over her restoration to Jehovah's favor. Chapter 62. Hastening the glad millennial day. (1) The intercession of Messiah Himself (vss.1-5). While these verses may be considered as the words of the prophet, yet it would seem more appropriate to consider them as the yearning of the Lord Jesus Christ, Himself, the heavenly Intercessor, that His people Israel might realize her salvation and become "a crown of glory in the hand of the Lord, and a royal diadem in the hand" of their God (cf.Matt.23:37-39). He surely is awaiting the day when her sun shall rise upon the nations, her desolation give place to fruitful- ness, and she become the delight of His heart.
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