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>> Chapter Ten - Book of the Prophet IsaiahHigher Praise Bible School - Chapter Ten - Book of the Prophet Isaiah - Page: 9

the northern ten tribes, who bore the tribal name of Ephraim. Lesson Four Chapters 10:5 to 12:6. Chapter 10:5 opens a new section of the hook, which concludes with ch. 35 and the historical appendir. (chs. 36- 39). This section belongs to the first half of Hezekiah's reign. Samaria has already fallen and Israel is removed as a nation to Assyrian captivity. The prophet warns Judah of Impending invasion from the same enemy. In spite of Hezekiah's efforts at reform the people remain backslidden in heart (vs. 6) ; so .Jehovah summons Assyria as the rod of His chastening (vs. 5) to awaken the nation from their spiritual indifference. Assyria, however, blindly and proudly exceeds the commission of the Lord (vss. 12,16-19). The purpose of God to cure His people of leaning upon the arm of flesh (vss. 20-22) is served by this invasion, and assurance of deliverance from the enemy is given (vss. 24-27). A striking picture of the resistless advance of the Assyrian host appears (vss. 28-32), and also Its ultimate debasement and overthrow (vss. 33,34). The prophetic perspective in ch. 10 and especially in chs. 11 and 12 focuses on the greater invasion of the land in the latter days by the final Assyrian (antichrist), his destruction by Messiah, David's son (11:1-4), His beneficent reign (vss. 4,5; cf. 2 Thess. 7:8), the wonderful transform- ation of the animal creation (6-5), and the era of righteousness and peace (vs. 0). The prophet sees the resultant blessing to the Gentile nations (vs. In) when Israel is again the second time restored from her world-wide despersion (11-16). Verses 15 and 16 seem to give hint of a miraculous working of God in preparing a highway for His people then, such as was wrought in the passage of the Red Sea when they came out of Egypt. This section closes with the record of the joyous millennial song of the forgiven and restored nation, hack in the land, exalting Jehovah for His fame (12:1-6). What a day it will he when Jerusalem is again a praise in the earth! glory to God! Note.-The law of prophetic perspective it a method of describing the future events as if they were continuous and in immediate sequence. Cf. Isa. 61:1-3 and Luke. 4:17-20. In reading the book of Isaiah, the Lord leaves off after the words "the acceptable year of the Lord," closes the book, and tells the people, "This day is the scripture fulfilled in your ears." Had He continued to read and then given such an explanation of the passage, His word would have been untrue, for the "day of vengeance of our God" has not yet come, and already a gap of almost 2,000 years has elapsed. In other words the prophet sees both advents as one would look at distant ranges of mountains, the intervenine valleys not being visible, until one climbed to the
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