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>> Chapter Five - Pauline EpistlesHigher Praise Bible School - Chapter Five - Pauline Epistles - Page: 42

Lesson 19 Practical Section: The Church's Walk (Chs.4-6) I. A three fold exhortation to the whole church (Read Chs.4:1-5:21) 1. An exhortation to unity (4:1-16). Notice three facts concerning unity: (a) Qualities essential to unity; lowliness and meekness, long- suffering, forbearance (vv.1-3). (b) A description of the unity (vv.4-6). Learn the seven unities mentioned in these verses. (c) The method of producing unity: by the use of gifts, and by the ministry, whose office is to bring the body into spiritual perfection and oneness with Christ (vv.7-16). 2. An exhortation to live a new life--to put off the old man and not live like other Gentiles; to put on the new man and live in conformity to God's plan (4:17-32). 3. An exhortation to a new walk (5:1-20). Dr. Riley suggests three features of the believer's walk as suggested by the threefold mention of the word "walk". (a) Walk in love (vv.1-7). (b) Walk in the light (vv.8-14). (c) Walk circumspectly (vv.15-20). II. A threefold exhortation to the family (Read Chs.5:21 to 6:9) 1. Wives and husbands (5:2-24). (a) Wives are exhorted to be in submission to their husbands (5:22) because of the relation of man to woman (5:23) and the analogy of the church's submission to Christ (5:24). (b) Husbands are exhorted to love their wives (5:25) because of the analogy of Christ's love for the Church (5:25-27) and the closeness of the union between husband and wife (5:28-31). 2. Children and parents (6:1-3). (a) Children are exhorted to obey their parents because of the natural sense of right (6:1) and because of God's commandment and promise (6:2,3). (b) Parents are exhorted to train their children patiently because of the analogy of God's training of His sons (6:4).
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