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>> Chapter Five - Pauline EpistlesHigher Praise Bible School - Chapter Five - Pauline Epistles - Page: 41

(b) The Jews (vv.14-17). Between Jew and Gentile there existed a rigid line of demarcation in regard to religion. In the temple at Jerusalem, there was a special court for the Gentiles, separated from the "court of Israel" by a wall ( The middle wall of partition, verse 14), this wall bearing notices to the effect that Gentiles were forbidden to proceed farther under penalty of death. But in the spiritual temple of God there is no longer a dividing line; Jew and Gentile have "access by one Spirit unto the Father." (c) The Church of God (vv.19-22). The Gentiles worshiped in his idol temple, the Jew in the great sanctuary at Jerusalem. Now, both have left these buildings made with hands, to form one great spiritual temple, whose chief cornerstone is Christ, whose foundation, the apostle's and New Testament prophets, and whose stones are individual Christians--the whole forming a great temple inhabited by God through the Spirit. A Threefold statement concerning Paul (Read Ch.3) 1. Paul's ministry--to preach the mystery of the Gospel. We may note three facts concerning this mystery: (a) The mystery was the great truth that Jew and Gentile should be fellow-heirs and members of the same body (v.6). (b) It was his in God from the foundation of the world, and not revealed under the Old Testament dispensation (vv. 5,9). The Old Testament Scriptures taught the Salvation of the Gentiles, but not their forming one Body with the Jews. (c) This mystery is now being proclaimed in order that the entire universe may behold in the Church the many-sided wisdom of God (v.10). 2. Paul's prayer (vv.13-19). He prays: (a) That the Christians may be strengthened in their inner nature (v.6). (b) That Christ may make His home in their hearts by faith (v.17). (c) That they may understand the love of Christ in order that they may be filled with all the fullness of God (vv.18,19). 3. Paul's praise (vv.20,21). A doxology emphasizing God's power manifested in man, and the duty of eternal praise to Him on part of the church.
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