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>> Chapter Five - Pauline EpistlesHigher Praise Bible School - Chapter Five - Pauline Epistles - Page: 1

THE PAULINE EPISTLES LESSON I In studying the Pauline Epistles, we shall consider them in their chronological order, as follows: (Learn this list.) I. Epistles of the Second Missionary Journey 1 Thessalonians 2 Thessalonians II. Epistles of the Third Missionary Journey 1 Corinthians 2 Corinthians Galatians Romans III. Epistles of the Roman Imprisonment Ephesians Colossians Philemon Philippians IV. Epistles written during Temporary Release 1 Timothy Titus 2 Timothy The book of Hebrews is not mentioned in the above classification because the exact date of its writing is not known. 1 THESSALONIANS (Read through the entire Epistle, comparing Acts 17:1-9) Introduction Theme. The first reading of this epistle will reveal the fact that there is one theme that stands out above all others-the second coming of the Lord. It will be noticed that each chapter ends with a reference to that event. Paul deals with this truth more in its practical than doctrinal aspect, applying it directly to the attitude and life of the believer. So we may sum up the theme of this epistle as follows: The coming of the Lord in relation to the believer's encouragement, comfort, watchfulness, and sanctification.
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