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LESSON I Author - Moses, the Lawgiver and leader of Israel during the Exodus and wilderness wanderings. Date and Place - Written while the author was a sheep-hearder with Jethro or at Sinai as an introduction to the Law, about 1688-150 B.C. Proof of Authorship. To establish the authorship for Genesis, is to do so for the entire Pentateuch. The first 5 books of the Bible, called the Law by the Jews and which formed the basis of the Hebrew theocracy. The word Pentateuch means (5) five, and the Present books were originally one written in five sections, the Separation into five books is thought due to the Alexandrian translators of the Septuagint from which came the present names of the books as well as the word Pentateuch. 1. God commanded Moses to write a Book. Ex. 17:14, 34:27. 2. Moses did write a Book. Ex. 24:5-7; Num. 33:2; Deut. 31:9. 3. He called his book the book of the covenant. Ex. 24:7. The Book of this Law. Deut. 28:58,61. It included the whole Pentateuch, which was considered by the Jews as one book in (5) five sections. 4. Copies of Moses book of the Law were to be made for Kings. Deut. 17:18-22. 5. God recognized the book of the Law as being written by Moses and commanded it to be the rule of conduct for Joshua. (Joshua 1:1-8, 8:30-35) 6. Joshua accepted the book of the Law as being written by Moses and copied it upon two mountains, Deut. 11:26-32, Josh. 8:30-35. He Joshua, added to the book writing the last chapter. Deut. 34, about the death of Moses. Josh. 24:26. 7. Joshua commanded all Israel to obey the book of the Law of Moses. Josh 23:6. 8. During the Kings it was the Law. (1) David recognized it. I Chron. 16:40. (2) Soloman was charged to David to keep it. I Kings 2:3. (3) It was found and obeyed by Josiah and Israel. II Kings 22:8, 32:1-24; II Chron. 34:14, 35:12. (4) Jehosaphat had it taught to all Israel. II Chron. 17:9. (5) Joash obeyed it. II Kings 14:6; II Chron. 23:11,18. (6) Amaziah obeyed it. II Chron. 25:4. (7) Hezekiah obeyed it. II Chron. 30:1-18.
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